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Decades of Research,
Eight Simple Essentials

Maria has dedicated her life to crafting a creative approach to  living a purposeful life. As an executive producer, Maria needed real and profound answers that could fit into a busy routine. Now, through her book, courses, guided meditations, and inspirational messages you can learn how eight essentials can empower you to embrace happiness.

Choose Happiness
Through Eight Simple Essentials

National Indie Excellence Wellbeing Book Award Winner and Finalist for Personal Growth

Silver Nautilus Book Award recognizes books about spiritual growth, conscious living, and high-level wellness

Voted Best Personal Development Book of the Year by Best Holistic Life Magazine

This book offers Maria’s insights about being happy learned from her time in the entertainment industry, observing people and events, traveling, and studying wellbeing. Within these pages is a practical guide for a creative path to happiness through taking photographs with your camera phone, journaling about things that matter, and being part of a supportive community. You can create a healthier state of being and have fun doing it. Even when your world turns upside down, you can still be the writer, producer, and director of the life you desire.

“Maria Baltazzi’s brilliant roadmap creates a clear, concise process for anyone looking to improve their balance of mind, body, and spirit.”
Kelly Kahl
Former President of CBS Entertainment

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An App to Capture the Life You Want

The Take a Shot at Happiness app is designed to help you cultivate happiness and mindfulness by giving you the tools to capture meaningful moments in your life. Each section offers prompts to center you, inspire you, and challenge you.  You can capture images that represent your journey to happiness. Tailor your experience by creating your own Essentials, allowing you to focus on the aspects of life that matter most to you. Coming soon to Google Play.

Three Brands, One Purpose
Fostering Your Happiness Journey

Programs and collaborations to guide your creative career toward renewed purpose.

Meditations and courses to help you live the life you want, intentionally, by design.

Unique and amazing travel experiences to rebalance and refine your outlook.

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Why Embrace Happiness?

Happiness is a joyful conscious choice you can make in every moment of your life.

If there was ever a time this world needed to embrace happiness and to do so through the power of thought and shifting the mental pictures in our minds, it is now. 

Our thoughts motivate our behavior and, ultimately, our destiny. The solution to moving through our perceived obstacles is to reframe how we think about developing a joyfully fulfilling life by pursuing and finding everyday practices that will move us toward a more consistent state of happiness and well being. More specifically,  Wholebeing, where you are engaged three-dimensionally in mind, body, spirit.

As you embark on your journey to being happier, I am always here to support you.

— Love, Maria