Vasilopita, the Greek New Year’s Cake That You Need to Try This Year

If you come from a Greek home, you might be familiar with Vasilopita: a Greek cake that families bake to welcome a new year. Greek or not, this recipe is a must-try! It even includes a lucky gift for whoever gets the perfect slice. It is late December. The light scent of orange wafts from […]

How Christmas Looks Around the World

We thought it would be fun to take a four-corner “Happy Holiday” spin around the globe to see what’s on the menu elsewhere. While Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ, through the centuries it is has come to include exchanging gifts, being with family and friends and lots of eating! Since LightWorkers is […]

Giving Thanks Around the World—How Other Countries Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanks-giving, noun. The act of giving thanks, a prayer expressing gratitude. Most often we think of Thanksgiving as our American holiday. However, did you know several other countries celebrate thanksgiving throughout the year as well? Canada Our neighbors to the north, celebrate Jour de L’Actions de Grace, French for Thanksgiving, on the second Monday in October, […]

Traveling Versus Staying Home for the Holidays

While I am the first to pack my bags and head to the nearest airport, anytime, anywhere, there are some worthy pros and cons to consider when it comes to deciding where you will have the merriest of times during the holidays. Every year, I face the same holiday dilemma: mom’s holiday turkey vs. dinner […]

What the Balinese Can Teach Us About Happiness

Bahagia. “I feel happy today” in Indonesian. “Me too” when I am in Bali. The happiest place on earth is not where the three-fingered mouse wearing bright red shorts lives, well not for me. Instead, it is the Indonesian island floating between the Indian Ocean and the Bali Sea. Ah, modern Eden, that it is… I travel […]

What the Way of the Camino De Santiago Can Teach About Happiness

Buen Camino! We must be walking along the Camino de Santiago in Spain! Literally, this greeting means good road, physically and spiritually. Increasingly, people from around the globe are making this journey, walking in the same footsteps as travelers during the Middle Ages. More and more we are not only getting out of our comfort […]