Dress for Who You Are

My mother studied couture in Paris before I was even born. So I grew up with an appreciation of fashion design and a love of fabrics, especially finely woven cotton and silk. When kids’ moms made them clothes, they used the standard tried and true Simplicity or Butterick patterns. Mine was made from Vogue and […]

The Easiest New Year’s Resolution You’ll Ever Find

The twinkling colored lights that cover the trees and frame the houses in the neighborhood. The sweet smell of mom’s ginger cookies baking in the oven. Eating a succulent turkey roasted to perfection. The divine light of a dozen white candles filling a room. Hugging every loved one as hard as you can. Placing a […]

Simple Restorative Exercises to Keep Your Holidays Calm + Bright

There are restorative exercises you can do to keep ‘the calm’ during the holidays. Be nice to yourself this holiday season and give these easy practices a try. Holidays are meant to be a time of love, gratitude, peace, though they can also be a time that is anything but these descriptives. Making a turkey […]