5 Ways to Destress This Holiday Season

While the holidays are meant to be a time of joy, of love, of peace, it can be anything but that. So how do you survive the holidays still in-tact? Try these 5 sure ways to destress. “The holidays are only holy if we make them so.” —Marianne Williamson While the holidays are meant to […]

What the Balinese Can Teach Us About Happiness

Bahagia. “I feel happy today” in Indonesian. “Me too” when I am in Bali. The happiest place on earth is not where the three-fingered mouse wearing bright red shorts lives, well not for me. Instead, it is the Indonesian island floating between the Indian Ocean and the Bali Sea. Ah, modern Eden, that it is… I travel […]

What the Way of the Camino De Santiago Can Teach About Happiness

Buen Camino! We must be walking along the Camino de Santiago in Spain! Literally, this greeting means good road, physically and spiritually. Increasingly, people from around the globe are making this journey, walking in the same footsteps as travelers during the Middle Ages. More and more we are not only getting out of our comfort […]

What the Way of the Maasai Warriors Can Teach About Happiness

Hun-un-ney-duh, Hun-un-ney-duh, Hun-un-ney-duh. Eee-yeow-wah! These are the phonetic sounds I hear as I watch a line form of Maasai Warriors, ages seventeen to twenty-five, all brightly robed, mostly in red. The Maasai is one of the world’s last great warrior cultures. Hun-un-ney-duh, Hun-un-ney-duh, Hun-un-ney-duh. Eee-yeow-wah! More sounds explode from the Warriors. Now, the line leader […]

How to Start Mindfully Creating Your New Year’s Resolution

Tired of making a new year’s resolution that you don’t keep? Yeah, me too. Though, the years when I have skipped making one, I felt anchorless. Having a resolution gives me a rudder and sets a course for the coming 365 days. So, I started thinking, Maybe I am approaching this whole resolution thing wrong, and […]