Camino De Santiago


8 Days | Camino de Santiago, Spain

For centuries, pilgrims have been walking the Camino de Santiago, following the many paths to Santiago de Compostela and St. James’ Tomb. Today, you can walk the Camino for spiritual reasons, as a physical challenge, to experience its unique old-world culture and beauty, or all of the former. The Camino, often referred to as The Way, is a profound, picturebook journey that inspires many, young and older.

Whatever your reason for making this journey, it is a regenerative experience that will remain with you long after you have returned home. The warmth shown by locals and fellow pilgrims is indeed a metaphor for how life should be lived.

A time to slow down and reflect on life, calmly walking through pretty villages and peaceful hamlets under the shade of oak trees and along quiet country roads. The tranquility is the ideal atmosphere to embrace both an inner and outer experience.

Personalized, guided reflective practices will support you in making the most of your journey. Expect to walk four to five hours a day with several stops to enjoy the serene landscape, visit churches, or rest your feet while sipping an espresso.

This Camino is perfect as a guided solo journey or for small groups. We can add or delete experiences to suit you. The price varies depending on the time of year, the number of guests, and special requests.


To walk the entire Camino de Santiago is 790 kilometers and takes about a month to complete. However, we understand that most people do not have that kind of time or want to walk for thirty days. Yet you still want to experience this historic pilgrimage. To taste what it is like to carry the pilgrim’s symbol pointing you toward Santiago, a scalloped shell on your backpack, and wish others who are also following The Way, a Buen Camino.

We have thoughtfully curated a transformative journey covering the last 100 kilometers of its most popular route, The French Way. We also chose this route because it is doable for almost anyone, no matter your age.

Your day’s walk will be rewarded by staying at quaint, centuries-old guesthouses that have been beautifully restored, offering delicious homemade local cuisine.


The region of Galicia, in Sarria, a favorite starting point of the Camino de Santiago. Explore the town center where you will find churches, chapels, and monasteries. The main street, Rúa Maior, has a friendly atmosphere, where you can relax while enjoying a drink or bite in one of the relaxing cafes around. Visit the Igrexa de Santa Mariña with its evocative pilgrim mural, the castle fortress, and the Magdalena Monastery.

All pilgrims carry one thing with them. A pilgrim’s passport used to fill with stamps from the places you stop at along your journey. It also serves as proof that you have completed your Camino. In the end, you will be awarded a certificate of completion. You will get your first stamp in Sarria.


Like the pilgrims before you, you will pass through the villages and towns of PortomarinPalas de RieMelideArzuaAmenal, and finally, Santiago de Compostela. Visit Romanesque churches that have changed little since they were built. Stop at a pulperia to try one of Galicia’s most classic dishes, octopus. Taste the creamy cheeses that Arzua is famous for in the area. Pair these local specialties with wine from the region. In this part of the world, wine production dates back 2000 years to the time of the Romans. One of the last stops before arriving at our final destination is Lavacolla on the outskirts of Santiago, where pilgrims used to wash in the river in preparation for their arrival in Santiago de Compostela. Rows of tall eucalyptus trees line the journey to Monte do Gozo, ‘Mount of Joy.’ It is from here that you will catch your first glimpse of the cathedral spires in Santiago. When you arrive in Santiago de Compostela, you are sure to get caught up in the joyful energy of completing your Camino, along with others doing the same. All pilgrims first head the square of the cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to celebrate a well-earned victory. The air is electric and infectious for anyone standing there.


The final day is spent taking a private car to Kilometer 0 at the water’s edge of Cape Finisterre. The location serene. The air refreshing. So welcoming after days of walking on dusty paths. Fill your lungs with negative ions, allowing for an overwhelming sense of peace.

The day and sojourn come to a close with a sunset sail around the cape. If we are lucky, a pod of playful dolphins will pay a visit as the sun brilliantly lowers in the sky.

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Activity that engages you with the environment: hiking, sailing, photography, community visits. This is your guided outer journey.


We connect you to your why. Why do you want to take this sojourn? Is it to unplug so you can reflect on a career pivot? Do you need to reset your priorities? Learn to manage stress better? This is your guided inner Journey.


This compass point is all about your environment. We care about where you place your head at night. We care about what you eat, what you drink. We handpick places that are unique as well as sustainable.


We aim to be respectful and supportive of the places we visit. Every sojourn offers a donation gift that supports the destination we visit.

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