The Great Elephant Adventure

Be one of the herd

12 Days | Kenya, Africa

The Kenyan bush is an awe-inspiring sensory landscape that is humbling to experience. The most iconic way to do it is to move every few days and set camp like the old explorers, except with more creature comforts.

We are offering an extraordinary photographic mobile safari camp experience that can be curated to your desires. No detail is too small or unimportant. This adventure is perfect for families and small groups.

Explore a remarkable landscape that has the power to stir something primal inside you. There in the bush, you feel a link to the earth like no other place.

Experience the wildlife as it should be experienced, with reverence and appreciation. Meet locals as they welcome you into their village. You will come to have a deeper understanding of conservation.

Special activities on offer include mindful nature walks, photographic game drives, relaxing sundown meditations (topped off with a gin and tonic if you like!). The day ends with magical candle-lit bush dinners.

Our local Kenyan wildlife guide and photographer, Shaun Mousley, dearly loves his mother country and its majestic wildlife. Together, we will create an inner and outer journey that will enhance and refine the lens of what you see and how you see it. We will guide you toward greater awareness and connection to the extraordinary world around you.

This experience is for all levels of photographers and is non-technical. We can add or delete experiences, including whether you prefer not to focus on photography. The price varies depending on the time of year, the number of guests, and special requests.


Begin your journey, visiting Amboseli National Park, famous for its elephants. Here you will be able to get up close and personal to compose shots of these magnificent creatures, who are sadly dwindling in numbers because of poachers. Not many places on earth do elephant mothers allow such close, uninterrupted viewing of their babies.

Follow heavy-ivoried bulls on their daily rounds from woodland to a waterhole to swamp just as if you were a member of the herd.

These are the kinds of experiences that exponentially raise the bar on what it means to be in the present moment.


Our safari takes a respite from tents to jump on a private charter flight to visit the Dyer family’s ranch, in the hills of the Laikipia Plateau, in the direction of Mount Kenya, one of the country’s rhino strongholds. For three generations, this family has taken care of the native Boran cattle farmed on the area’s arid grasslands. Their ranch, named after the cattle, sits within a vast conservation area, and are dedicated to preserving the natural environment and promoting economic and social improvements.

Game drives are exciting and rewarding. The conservancy has both the white rhino and black rhino, which are rare to see. Often, there is a good chance of spotting wildlife species unique to Northern Kenya. The Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, Somali ostrich, gerenuk, greater kudu, and Beisa oryx. If you are lucky, you will also see lion and cheetah, roaming the plains.


Once again, we take to the skies on a private chartered flight. We head to our camp in the Maasai Mara.

Visit the Kisongo Maasai, regarded as the most traditionally conservative of all the Maasai peoples. They have remained virtually unchanged since their early days. You will get an insight into the Maasai way of life, another safari highlight.

For many years, our Kenyan guide has worked closely with the community and has intimate ties with them.

After the village, we will visit a school, which is hugely entertaining and interactive. This is especially so if you are coming as a family. Maasai children love to learn about your culture and vice versa.


Trusted companies operate the private charter flights we book. Their pilots are some of the best bush pilots in the world, usually flying Cessna Caravan 208, which can hold up to twelve passengers.

Flying between destinations is spectacular. As you go over the ever-changing landscape and ecotones, you get an incredible overview of Kenya’s extraordinary country.

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Activity that engages you with the environment: hiking, sailing, photography, community visits. This is your guided outer journey.


We connect you to your why. Why do you want to take this sojourn? Is it to unplug so you can reflect on a career pivot? Do you need to reset your priorities? Learn to manage stress better? This is your guided inner Journey.


This compass point is all about your environment. We care about where you place your head at night. We care about what you eat, what you drink. We handpick places that are unique as well as sustainable.


We aim to be respectful and supportive of the places we visit. Every sojourn offers a donation gift that supports the destination we visit.

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