North Pole Arctic Quest


Thirty-six hours that will change your life. This is no overstatement. Be among the first to land at our magnetic north in a modern airship that uses innovative technology that combines the best of fixed-wing airplanes, helicopters, and static helium lift. What is old is new and even better, and more sustainable than jets or vehicles.

With an explorer’s heart and spirit, venture into the unknown. Go beyond your limit to discover what is at the top of the world and within yourself. Your inner journey will be guided by a personalized program designed before your departure.

We have partnered with OceanSky Cruises to offer an extraordinary sojourn to a place as far north as one can go on our planet. Flying from the world’s northernmost settlement in Norway to the Arctic Circle in the first hybrid aircraft designed by aviators shaping the future of high-end air travel and sustainability. If you ever wanted to be part of history, now is your chance.

Only sixteen people are permitted on each flight. Two people per en-suite cabin. Perfect for couples or intimate groups. Please inquire about pricing.


Visit the Arctic Circle without a footprint, without a mark in the snow, without interfering with nature. A quiet sojourn with humble respect for the fragile environment and wildlife native to this enchanting frozen land. Polar bears floating on ice sheets, looking for their next meal. Whale pods migrating through deep blue water. Reindeer grazing across the tundra. Icebergs as tall as skyscrapers and long as city blocks. Flying at 1000 to 6000-feet, in a nonpressurized cabin, all below will be a breathtaking sight to behold through the airship’s panoramic windows and glass floors.


Experience a mysterious atmospheric phenomenon that only happens above certain latitudes, the Northern Lights. The tilt of the earth’s axis and the magnetic field going through our planet’s core causes these spectacular displays of nature.


As with every expedition, there is a leader. Ours is Robert Swan, the first man to walk to both the North and South Pole
“I love to teach about safety, wildlife, and survival in the Arctic climate. The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. Finding new alternative ways of travel is important to our future.”


Compared to an airplane cabin, the quality of air inside OceanSky’s airship nonpressurized cabin is of much higher quality. Breathe easier, sleep deeper. Overall, the flying experience is easier on your eyes and skin.

Even your taste buds will be happier. Food and wine will taste better. Perfect because you will want to savor the Arctic-themed menu cooked by a renowned chef. Enjoy a toast at the Altitude Bar in the airship’s Infinity Lounge.

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Activity that engages you with the environment: hiking, sailing, photography, community visits. This is your guided outer journey.


We connect you to your why. Why do you want to take this sojourn? Is it to unplug so you can reflect on a career pivot? Do you need to reset your priorities? Learn to manage stress better? This is your guided inner Journey.


This compass point is all about your environment. We care about where you place your head at night. We care about what you eat, what you drink. We handpick places that are unique as well as sustainable.


We aim to be respectful and supportive of the places we visit. Every sojourn offers a donation gift that supports the destination we visit.

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