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Life’s details become sharper when you focus on Faith. Your thoughts and actions become more evident.

Love filtered through the lens of the heart fixes, comforts, and enriches anything you can name.

Health is the tripod of life, what stabilizes you. Your optimal state of health serves as the leg of the mind, the leg of the body, and the leg of the spirit.

If there is a lens of choice, let it be Gratitude. The only prayer you ever need to say is “thank you.”

Opening your heart’s aperture to allow in the light of Forgiveness enables life again. For-giving is for-living.

Peace is the available inner light that radiates from within you, reflecting outwardly to the people you touch.

Detachment is like setting your intention on auto. You intend a desire, then allow the universe to choose the correct shutter speed. There is your timing and perfect timing.

Abundance is the picture frame of all possibilities. If you can see it in your viewfinder, you can capture it.

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