Compass Points of Travel

Experience. Wellbeing.
Luxury. Giveback.

About Us

While we specialize in African destinations, we love venturing to other parts of the world as well. We have a vast network of trusted travel partners and service providers that we collaborate with to curate immersive travel experiences almost anywhere you can dream of — all you have to do is choose your datesdestinations, and we do the rest. We specialize in solo and small group travel to less crowded destinations that offer unique and amazing experiences. Every sojourn is guided by our Four Compass Points of Travel. Experiences. This compass point is an activity that engages you with the environment — hiking, sailing, community visits. This is your guided outer journey. Wellbeing. This compass point connects to your why. Why you want to take this sojourn. Is it to unplug so you can reflect on a career pivot? Do you need to reset your priorities? Learn to manage stress better? This is your guided inner journey. Luxury. This compass point is about your environment. We care about where you place your head at night. We care about what you eat and what you drink. We handpick places that are unique as well as sustainable. Giveback. This compass point is about being respectful and supportive of the places we visit. Every trip offers a donation gift that supports the destination we visit.

Explore with Peace of Mind

We take the stress out of planning your trip and while you are on it. We are here for those who want more out of travel than ticking another destination off your list. You want both luxury and adventure. You want fewer crowds. You want to engage in different experiences with new people and ways of life. And you want all this as a thoughtfully guided experience that fully engages the environment you visit. Included are moments to reflect on your journey as it unfolds and how it is (re)shaping your perspective.

Uniquely Crafted Travel

How do we begin our journey together? By first listening and understanding the travel experience you are dreaming about and then working our magic to make it come true. Every travel aspiration, budget, number of travelers, and timeframe is different, so sojourns are specific to your desires. Because of this, you will only see a few scheduled departure dates listed.

We Care About You

Our team provides only the best local operators, guides, food, beverages, and accommodations. They share a similar mindset about caring for our earth and its wildlife, supporting local communities, and providing a safe environment for our guests. We create sojourns that combine your destination with immersive experiences designed to renew, rebalance, readjust, and refine your perspective. That is our heartfelt promise to you.

Let us know if you are celebrating a milestone event, maybe your 50th birthday! Want a particular experience, dinner with a Maasai family in their village. Or to meet someone, say the Patriarch in Jerusalem. We will do our level best to make that happen.

We are discerning, so you do not have to be. All our accommodations are carefully researched and vetted. Being that we are foodies at Sojourn Explorers, that is a vital part of the experiences we create for you as well.

Outer Journey

Safety while traveling is another concern we take seriously. We work with local providers with excellent safety records as well as highly-trained, expert guides.

At Sojourn Explorers, we are deeply committed to excellence. Our founder, Maria Baltazzi, is an Emmy recipient television producer and seasoned traveler, who has directed productions large and small on every continent and uses her award-winning skills to create unique experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

Your inner journey begins by asking these questions:

  • Why do you want to take this trip?
  • What do you want to experience while traveling? How do you want to be and feel?
  • How do you want to return home? What is the takeaway you want from your experience?

Together, we will discuss where you want your inner journey to go. Do you want guidance working through the stresses of life? Maybe, you want to renew, reignite your purpose. Maybe you are at a crossroads and want to redefine your direction. Or, perhaps it is time for a career pivot. All of these require some shift in mindset. Maria will help you get there through guided inquiry and reflections that are interwoven throughout each day of your trip.

Inner Journey

Maria joins your trip as your inner-guide. If you prefer, we can design a self-guided inner experience.  She specializes in constructive and creative thinking to empower greater happiness, clearer purpose, and refined intentional living. Maria has spent over a decade, immersing herself in the art and science of happiness, positive psychology, spiritual psychology, neuroplasticity, and mindfulness. She uses this background to create and guide your inner journey; before, during, and after.

How We Work

Starting a Conversation

We speak with you on the phone, Skype, or Zoom. We genuinely want to understand the trip you have in mind and what you hope to take away from your experience. How do you want to return home?

Curating an Amazing Journey

We create an experience that includes every detail from the time you leave home to your return. Each journey is uniquely designed based on your travel dates, the number of guests, and specific requests. To begin planning, we kindly request $350. Once the trip is confirmed, this amount is applied to your total cost.

Getting You Ready

Maria will engage and inspire you about your upcoming journey, from reading material to questions to think about to videos to watch. Before setting off, there will be a bon voyage call to go over details and answer questions.

The Journey

There is an outer journey: your destination, planned experiences, real adventures, or cultural events. Then, you have your inner journey: meaningful conversations, mindful movement, meditation, and reflective time guided by Maria as you travel. If she is not traveling with you, Maria will create a personalized Daily Inner Journey Guide Book to bring along.

The Return
Your trip does not end when you come home. In a post-experience conversation, Maria will support you in putting your renewed and refined perspective into meaningful action.