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A Call to Your Heart + Spirit

Life is defined by the number of times that take your breath away. The cooing of a newborn. Your first tender kiss. Laying ski-tracks in fresh mountain snow. Following lions in the bush. Watching a sunset with the one you love most. These are the images one hopes to be most prominent in our minds. We need to live our moments as they happen, not at some distant time when you have a better job, more education, or the kids are out of school. There is a reason we are encouraged to be in the present. It calls out and names what it is to experience a moment now. It is a present, and if not, now, when?

For the last two decades, we have been living in interesting times. The 2008 Financial Crisis, 9/11, COVID-19. What these times have taught us is that we are inescapably intertwined and connected. We are overconnected yet disconnected. We suffer from inbox congestion. We suffer from too much yet not enough. We live in a sea of people, yet feel like we are on a desert island. It is time to connect, reconnect, energize, reboot in meaningful ways, in ways that are of the heart and spirit, not merely of the head.

My name is Maria Baltazzi, PhD in Conscious-Centered Living and a television producer. As a PhD, I work with entrepreneurs, business executives, and creative professionals. I am here to guide you in renewing and refining your life’s purpose. I write and speak about Happiness, lead workshops, curate and guide transformational travel experiences and retreats. My teachings include the Habits of Successful Happy People, Mindfulness, Primordial Sound Meditation, Prayer of the Heart, and Mindful Movement. I offer group classes online, in person, or one-on-one. 

Life is like a camera. Focus on what is important. Capture the good times. Develop from the negatives. If things do not work out, take another shot.

4-7-8 Breath:
A Sense Of Calm

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I learned this four-step breath technique from Dr. Andrew Weil. I love it because it has multiples uses. Use it when you need to take your stress level down a notch or two. When you are fighting cravings. Or when you want to go to sleep at night. It is simple to do and can be done anywhere.

The magic of this breathing technique is in its consistency. Changes happen after about four to six weeks of doing it regularly.

“Great, simple and easy to follow technique! Looking forward to see the results in 4-6 weeks with daily practice.”

My Invitation

Several years ago, I was unhappy, stressed out, when the unrelenting demands of producing television and a relationship breakup took its toll on me. However, I did not want that moment to define my life then or ever, and so my journey began. Ever since then, I have been studying the Art and Science of Happiness and Mindfulness. What I have learned is that a lot of one’s Happiness depends on the thoughts that paint the images in one’s head. Sojourn Wholebeing is a call to action, a call to your heart and spirit, to create positive images in your head, and use those positive images to live the life you want, intentionally, by design. So today, part of my mission in life is to support others who want to live more fully, with greater ease and purpose. I lovingly encourage you to reach out and become part of the Sojourn Wholebeing Community.


Hello, my name is Maria Baltazzi, the founder of Sojourn Wholebeing. Welcome to the Community.

The heart of Sojourn Wholebeing is about helping people create a more uplifting and rewarding life. Not just during the moments when you are out doing something fabulous. Also, and maybe even more importantly, in your day-to-day life — at work hitting those never-ending deadlines, at home paying those never-ending bills, while trying to balance work, family, friends, and self. Through reflective guided practices, you will gain greater awareness of your thoughts and actions, become confident in managing challenging emotions, better able to draw personal boundaries, and be more compassionate toward yourself. I have spent years as an Emmy-winning television producer, overseeing large-scale international productions, dealing with more than my share of stress, more than my share of frustrations, more than my share of disappointments. One day I said, “enough”! That was the day I started a personal journey that took me to heights and depths I never thought possible. My teachings are the product of lived experiences, a lot of inner-work, and several certifications and a couple of degrees along the way.

I have a PhD in Conscious-Centered Living, an MFA in Film. Certifications in spiritual psychology, neuroplasticity, primordial sound meditation, vinyasa yoga, and happiness training. Currently, I am in the second year of an intensive mindfulness teacher-training program.

Today, I help entrepreneurs, business executives, and creative professionals, move toward lives of renewed and refined purpose through the courses I offer and the retreats I lead. We can connect in one of my group classes, or if you prefer in private.

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