Why Science Says Helping Others Makes Us Happier

Helping others or “Doing unto others” could very well be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Turns out that being of service, volunteering to help an organization, a colleague or friend, offering to help not only makes you feel good, it is good for you. It can help you to live longer […]

How to Solve Problems While You Sleep

Intentions are not something done only while you are awake. There is so much research today about how your mind actively creates and problem-solves during sleep. In fact, sleep is a different form of consciousness. So, when someone says “I will sleep on it” know that this is actually effective time. Bedtime Intentions can be thought of […]

Thought Trains You Do Not Have to Ride

Imagine you are on a platform at a train station in Los Angeles. A train pulls in and you hop on without giving it much thought. Next thing you know, you have ridden that same train all the way to New York, and you realize that you really did not want to go across the […]

What to Do with Unproductive Thoughts

“RAIN, RAIN, go away.” The same goes for the pouring down of unproductive thoughts. “Come again another day.” No, wait! Not if we are still talking about unproductive thoughts. Don’t do that. It is much easier to say a child’s rhyme than to chase away unwanted thoughts. However, there is a technique to deal with […]

How Even You Can Help Those Affected by Natural Disasters

The calling of one man to help rebuild lives by building one home at a time after a natural disaster has hit. An interview with MircoAid founder, Jon Ross. My friend, Jon Ross, is one of the few people I know that I can honestly say earns heaven points every time he goes to work. […]

7-Step Process to Breaking Lingering Unwanted Habits

Have a sticky habit that you just can’t kick? Here’s why this sixty-six day, seven-step process is sure to break that habit holding you down while forming new habits that will propel you forward. If you want to be the best version of yourself, read this article. Though I warn you, it will take effort, […]

How to Apply Tiger Woods’ Comeback Story to Your Life

What we can learn from Tiger Woods’ remarkable comeback from his demons. Nine steps to perseverance and redemption. With a slight tap to his putter on the final green, a small white ball rolls into the hole. The crowd lets out a deafening roar. A fist punches the air in victory. Tiger Woods has just […]

God Smuggler: Your Next Job?

Interview with Dr. David Curry, the President & CEO of Open Doors USA, which is a nonprofit group of Christians that help people who are being persecuted. He is one of God’s smugglers. Have you ever met a Bible Smuggler? Me either until I recently sat down over drinks with Dr. David Curry, aka the […]

How to Live an Intentional Life with Purpose

Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream because he had a purpose. This article is a four-step process to manifesting your MLK, Jr. dream. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream that gave him purpose, his reason to be in the world. He is often quoted saying that “Life’s most persistent and urgent question […]

Vasilopita, the Greek New Year’s Cake That You Need to Try This Year

If you come from a Greek home, you might be familiar with Vasilopita: a Greek cake that families bake to welcome a new year. Greek or not, this recipe is a must-try! It even includes a lucky gift for whoever gets the perfect slice. It is late December. The light scent of orange wafts from […]